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Tokyo Pop Culture Tour Plan; example

Strolling around Harajuku , Jingu and Shibuya area, and watch around the places where appeared in Love Live Super Star with feeling the atmosphere of the great anime.
Wander around Nakano Broadway with buying whatever gets into your eyes, and suddenly encounter the NES soft you have been looking for years and years.
After enjoying boat ride from Asakusa, you dive int Diver City, and buy Gundam plastic models and after that, go into Joypolis, the indoor amusement park with cutting edge Japanese technology and have a wonderful experience.
Cherry blossoms

First, please get in touch with us from the contact page.
Feel free to call us.

Let us know your request, purpose, budget, whatever you want. We will suggest any other activities, and make the prototype of the
itinerary, discuss the plan, and make the complete tour.

We keep the safety of the guests, you , make you  enjoy, and fulfill the tour. Then you take the one and only memory and experience to your country.

Why Us

Quick and Friendly

Everything is available in Tokyo, so easily and quickly arranged. Please talk to me anything you want, then I will have things arranged to meet your demand like I'm your friend.

Affordable Prices

We do this service by very few personnel, so we could lower the labor cost, so this service would be done by reasonable budget.

Easy to Book

We are basically 24/7 open, so easy to book.

Group Variety

We can manage from a couple of people groups to up to 20 people of groups. We can accommodate from group of families to group of friends.

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