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Electric and otaku town They sell not only items, but also experience.

/Taito-City, Tokyo

Nakano broadway

Nakano Broadway

Collecter's paradise
/Nakano-City, Tokyo


Tokyo bayside where many kinds of shops , amuseent par, art space and specialities like lifesize Gundam
Minato-City, Tokyo



Strolling aroung all around Tokyo, the real places appeard in anime, drama and video game.

Everywhere in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Big Site

Comic market

Twice a year, the biggest festival of manga ,anime,game,music and other kinds of stuff takes place in Tokyo big site.

Inari shrine

Temples, shrines and other sightseeing spots

There are many fascinating sightseeing spots to see all around Tokyo besides pop culture venues.

Everywhere in Tokyo, Japan

We Plan the tour, especially connected to Japanese pop culture and sub culture , with the guests to have one and only experience in Japan.

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